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The Best Website Scraper Tools in 2021 (100% Unique Article Generator with Auto Rewrite & Spin Content)

The Best Website Scraper Tools in 2021 (100% Unique Article Generator with Auto Rewrite & Spin Content)

All of us agree, that unique articles and SEO are the core of a website (Content is king).

I’m not so sure about your goals in developing a website, most people want to sell their products, and services, but it’s not uncommon for some people to just want to share stories related to their knowledge (blogging for fun)

Come on, it’s okay. Everyone has their own goals.

But again I emphasize

Content is king!

The content I’m referring to is an article whose purpose is not to peddle your products.

I mean, not everyone is directly interested in your products or services.

NOT! Until you provide a benefit to them.

Now take a look at the big sites, like Amazon, Alibaba, or BlueHost as companies that provide hosting and domains.

They peddle products, peddle services, but beyond that, they provide “Blog Page” as a medium to bring traffic widely, and absolutely FREE!

The Best Website Scraper Tools in 2021 (100% Unique Article Generator with Auto Rewrite & Spin Content)

Now see the image above, blog page in Blue Host (Website hosting service provider)

They don’t necessarily sell products and services, but they first present a tutorial on how to build and increase website traffic for beginners.

All of these articles go into search engines (Google, Yandex, Duckduckgo, etc)

And it all brings “sweet” traffic to their products and services

This strategy you can implement on your own site

And I guarantee you

This will reduce your advertising spend, even at no advertising cost at all!

Now the question is, how do I write articles that can increase traffic for the website?

yes! I agree, the skills of a content writer are very expensive, so expensive, you can pay millions of dollars for just one article!

But what if I told you now,

You don’t need a content writer, because you’ll “steal” popular writing from your competitors, rewrite it and publish it on your own website.

Now, let’s say your competitors spend days doing research, including trends, keywords, and SEO. And you just have to rewrite the article, AUTOMATICALLY!

yes! I’m not talking about wasting time, everything can be done easily!


But I said earlier, if this is a premium tool, in other words there is a price to use it.

Oh no, after I said that this is a paid tool, maybe you’ll just close this page. and say, that out there are many free tools with similar functions.


I’m going to ask you, can the free tools out there do this?

The Best Website Scraper Tools in 2021 (100% Unique Article Generator with Auto Rewrite & Spin Content)


The numbers aren’t very fantastic

yes! Because I’m not trying to exaggerate this. 

That’s the income statistics of this website, originally without manipulation.

I just want to make sure, the articles generator tools, I’m going to share with you, I guarantee you won’t disappoint.


The point is, it doesn’t take a waste of time to write, leave it all to these tools.

A tool called “NGOPI” that will make it easier for you to rewrite articles automatically with 100% SEO unique results.

The Best Website Scraper Tools in 2021 (100% Unique Article Generator with Auto Rewrite & Spin Content)


I explained a little bit about these tools beforehand.

The name of the tool is NGOPI,

NGOPI in Indonesian is, drink coffee. That means, you can make thousands of articles as easy as drinking coffee in the morning, and of course the article is SEO content and able to increase website traffic.

What are the advantages offered by NGOPI tools?

NGOPI application is perfect for you Blogger / Internet Marketer, CPA / Adsense who do not want to be bothered with jobs such as creating content and daily posts, let the NGOPI that works for you, all automatic bulk.

NGOPI tools #1 : Unlimited Scrape Content

Scrape Content From Blogspot Link,WordPress selfhosting and Web. The resulting article is already in automatic spin and SEO Friendly, can be re-edited.

NGOPI tools #2 : Auto Spin Text + Custom Thesaurus

This software you can rewrite or rewrite a content automatically and as desired

NGOPI tools #3 : Article Generator

This feature aims to help create mame ny unique articles with 1 spintax article that we have created. Suitable for sales/dropship business or independent

NGOPI tools #4 : Auto Schendule auto Backdate auto Random

This feature we can autopost + schendule/backdate, with this feature does not need mikirin to update posts in the future

Let’s say the target website publishes an article on January 1, 2021, then you can change the date to October 2019.

Why is that?

To have your article indicated first, and to compete with competitors (original article owner)

You can dominate the first page with this, you can even win a plagiarism lawsuit (DMCA) in the future!

NGOPI tools #5 : Auto Import Blogger Theme

We can import blogger themes in bulk and automatically

NGOPI tools #6 : Multiple Blogger Accounts

You can manage more blogs with more accounts

NGOPI tools #7 : Export/IMPORT to XML Blogger

With this surely you can post unlimited without limit.

NGOPI tools #8 : Multiple Tab Processes

NGOPI software can run in several processes at once,so there is no need to wait one by one process is completed.

NGOPI tools #9 : Auto BlastPost Blog

Manage And Post Content across multiple blogs at same time

NGOPI tools #10 : Spliter File

Memisahkan atau memecah file menjadi beberapa bagian guna memudahkan import artikel

NGOPI tools #11 : Advanced Utility

This feature we can re-edit our articles at any time in bulk automatically


This tool is from Indonesia, can I use it for websites from all over the world?

yes! WHY NOT?

Only because this software was made in Indonesia, doesn’t mean it can’t be used for websites from all over the world.

That’s right! NGOPI already support English, Swedish, Spanish, German, Czech, Bulgarian etc. and if you have your own language database can be various languages.

is there a trial version before I bought it??

We know you’ll love NGOPI.

Therefore we do not provide the trial version, (while the price is still at a discount as well)

How much do I need to pay?

For a million advantages, you only have to pay starting from 195,000 (IDR) or the equivalent of $13 (USD) at the current exchange rate.

The Best Website Scraper Tools in 2021 (100% Unique Article Generator with Auto Rewrite & Spin Content)

I will give you a 23% discount coupon.

yes! Direct discount of 23%. Because you’ve been lucky to find this article!

just use this code at checkout:DISCOUNT “

and remember, payments are only made by PayPal method.

Sales page in indonesian language, turn on Google Translate for easy reading

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